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The Regulars

Anyone can write for You, Me & Anxiety but here is a bit of info on 'The Regulars'...

Daniel John

Creator and Writer

Daniel is a self-confessed anxious fella, so much so he remembers from a young age stressing over whether his stuffed toys were getting along.


He hopes You, Me & Anxiety will help aid the 'mental health revolution' taking place, whilst providing some laughs along the way.

Becca Fatharly

Social Media Manager and Writer

From her own personal experiences, Becca has seen the impact of mental health issues, and how they can create awkward moments.

She hopes by telling her own humorous tales, others will realise they're not alone in their struggles.

Joe Difford

Writer and 'In-House Guinea Pig'

Joe has been best buds with You Me & Anxiety's creator, Dan, since they were three. He has learnt a lot about himself thanks to Dan and his journey with mental health, finally starting to make sense of why his video games have to be in a perfectly neat stack.  

Joe is also up for a challenge and has taken on the loving title of 'In-House Guinea Pig' for his dedication to 'The Lab'.

Ellie Fatharly


As Ellie blindly walks into young adulthood, she writes of her experiences with anxiety, particularly of OCD.


She hopes that through sharing her confused and anxious noggin, she can help others feel part of a community and remind them that they are not alone with their thoughts and fears.

Ashish Patel


Ashish is a current Media Producer and Content Writer. He enjoys travelling, taking long walks and photographing all things nature related.


His interest in anxiety stems from his own experiences with it, keen on developing ways to cope with it effectively. He hopes to share his story one step at a time. 

Heidi Quill


As a child who was always haunted by the scary parts of history lessons, Heidi has been anxious from day one. However, in sixth form and then university the anxiety became a problem.


But now, in the best mental place she's been in years, she's ready to share some awkward and humorous anecdotes of a young adult trundling her way through existence.

Melissa Embury


Hyperactive since birth, Melissa wishes her brain had an off button. She hopes to reach out to other people also going through ADHD and anxiety with humour and the message that there are beauty and value in brain differences.

As a digital nomad, travel can be anxiety-inducing but totally worthwhile, and she encourages everyone to find their niche and take a leap.

Stephanie Lucas


Stephanie grew up with intense emotional outbursts before being diagnosed with various mental illnesses. Being a normal grown-up was too difficult until Stephanie found writing as her therapy. 


Now a confident traveller and freelance writer with her own blog, Steph can positively pursue life, telling her stories of her chaotic life and mind with great reflexion and humour as she continues to travel and work in her campervan.

Maria Correa


An eternally awkward, panics-in-packed-rooms twenty-something year old stumbling through adulthood, Maria hopes that sharing some of her struggles around mental health will help her, and others, make sense of life.


Someone who used to think burying her problems was the best solution, she’s now finding the strength that comes with being truthful about your experiences.

Emilia Tataru


An English and Journalism graduate who joined the 'mental health revolution' with the hope of helping others win the battle over worry.


After overcoming a challenging childhood and grew into adulthood sooner than she should have, Emilia has discovered a willingness of sharing her life-changing experiences with the intent of inspiring others to stay positive no matter what.

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