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That Time Where Boobs Stopped Me Panicking

Nights have always been worse for me but this particular panic was a tough one to tackle.

That night I sat on my bed, knees folded in and trying to breathe slow, my brain just would not stop. That was until my sister checked in on me.

Now, my sister is special. She’s one of those people who can bring out your fun weird side with a single look. She was exactly what my anxious self needed.

With all the possible ways to calm me down, she decided her famous boob trick would do nicely. This is when she drops her larger than average boobs onto a solid surface (in this case, my desk) to make a comedic “flumph’ noise. It sounds simple, if slightly odd, but it worked.

She managed to make me crack a smile when it felt like the whole world was ending. Sometimes I need to meditate. Sometimes I need to complete my breathing exercises. But sometimes, I just need my weird sister.


What I learnt from this particular experience:

  • I don't have to deal with anxiety alone. I can rely on my sisters to brighten my moods and get me out of my head.

  • When the world feels too much, sometimes laughter is enough to remind me that I can feel myself again. Even if that requires my sister to be a complete weirdo.

  • To be more grateful for my sister. She has the responsibility of being the eldest and has never taken the role lightly.

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