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  • Ashish Patel

That Time I Treated my Acne

During my teens, I dealt with severe acne, a phase many of us can relate too more than once. One thing that stays with me is how my confidence severely plummeted after it got worse. I remember one day waking up and seeing the spots, legions of angry red cysts across my forehead greeting me with bumps, pain and severe dry skin.

Whilst dealing with acne, I remember going on a course of antibiotics, over the counter medication and treatments involving benzoyl peroxide and Zineryt, 2 acne fighting treatments to help severe acne.

Throughout my journey, I would find that the results would vary. Although my acne did get better, it still persists a little to this day (though is not as made as it used to be).

Enter Dermatica, “a custom-made prescription formula for your…blackheads, spots, whiteheads and more”, as quoted on their website. Before I started using this service, I was a little sceptical having tried anything and everything on my skin.

Having started the treatment initially, once I completed a short survey on my skin needs, I found that a lot of my spots were getting worse and bigger. However, after reading the advice sheet a few times, I could see that this was normal and simply was my skins way of adapting to the new treatment.

After one month, although improvements were not very visible I did find that my skin was less redder and my spots were a lot calmer. Although the treatment did not work for me specifically, it did teach me a lot about my skin routine and how I take care of my skin.

After trialing Dermatica for a month, going forward I have adopted a better skin routine and have definitely seen my attitude towards my skin improve. Some changes I have now made include investing a better non comedogenic moisturiser for my sensitive skin, applying SPF every morning (especially during winter time) and also opting for a cleanser that suits my skin needs, e.g CeraVe Foaming Cleanser.

What I learnt from this experience:

  • Every person’s skin is different, what may work for one person does not necessarily mean it would work for the other.

  • Understanding your skin is the first step. For example, food allergies, irritations, and possible skin product reactions.

  • Letting your skin breathe for a bit and repair itself, can really help it improve more as oppose to over applying skincare products and trying everything at once in the hope at least one product will work.

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