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  • Ashish

That Time I Felt Nervous About Meeting a Friend

Getting out when you are used to spending time by yourself can prove pretty difficult. Think about it like this, when you are used to spending so much time by yourself and keeping yourself occupied with say cooking, cleaning, side projects and yoga then getting out and meeting with friends can be a little overwhelming at first.



Recently, I met up with one of my best friends. Granted I had not seen her for a long time after scheduled plans falling through, conflicting schedules and our universities being in different ends of the country. At first, the feeling of panic and nervousness overwhelmed me.

Strange as it felt, it definitely came unprecedented especially as I had met up with her many times before and felt fine. But this time was different as we hadn’t seen each other for a while (6 months exactly) and had not spoken as well due to our respective busy schedules.

So, why was I feeling so overwhelmed when I was meeting with one of my best friends who knew my own tendencies and everything about me?

The answer was more simple than I thought. I had got too comfortable with my own self that actually spending time with others felt a little uncomfortable. Yes I knew who I was meeting and yes I knew I would have a great time. But as humans we are easily alerted if we are going into ‘unfamiliar territory’ or even going into a situation that may prove ‘uncomfortable’ for us.



Overall, the day was full of laughter, endless meme trailing, eating, drinking and reminiscing. Luckily, for us it was a great day to sit outside and enjoy the weather whilst absorbing the bright sun rays at the same time and appreciating all things nature related – thank you Summer 2018.

In this moment, I certainly gained a feeling of sheer gratitude and appreciation. Not only for my best friend – getting me out my house – but also for my own self. In coming to terms with my own securities in spending maybe a little too much time by myself.



  • Your friend will understand if you are not feeling 100% (as it is okay to not feel 100% all of the time).

  • Even just by getting out you are already making even more progress than before, as it is very easy to get comfortable with just ourselves for company.

  • The majority of the time the more nervous we are, the more we care about the situation at hand.

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