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  • Ashish

That Time I Felt Nervous About Attending an Interview

Interviews can be an exciting step in ones professional journey as they begin to be shortlisted and considered for each possible position. Better so if you are a graduate like myself looking for their first post-university job.


Excitement, joy and a little bit of relief are the three emotions that begin to surpass over me as I begin to take in that I have been shortlisted for an interview. After 50 odd applications and very few responses, one can easily feel a little bit defeated and deflated.

However, there eventually comes one response which sets out to revive and give you some much needed energy to continue your main job search. As they say; experience is practice and practice is all about experience. So although you may find yourself not getting many responses now, you will soon be receiving them. It just takes time, a lot of patience and an undying attitude from yourself (filled with alot of motivation and persistence).

Alas my nerves soon begin to creep up on me as the interview day approaches. Loss of appetite, focus and even concentration begins to override me. It is here that I begin to plan out the interview itself, from all the questions I will most likely be asked to preparing a full cover letter and so forth.

By doing so I immediately find myself calming down and regaining my focus a little bit at a time. With deep breathing and slow stretching comes a sense of calmness and improved clarity, aiding me in continuing my own interview preparation.


What I learnt from this particular experience:

  • Taking a break doesn’t mean you're not ‘applying’ it means you are ‘refreshing’ and gaining your energy back.

  • Going for a walk or grabbing a glass of water will help with stiff posture gained from sitting at your laptop and typing application after application.

  • Scheduling ‘work free’ days can aid your own job hunt. Especially if you are a recent graduate currently on their summer holidays looking, searching and eagerly awaiting their next professional chapter to begin.

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