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That Time I Lied About Being a Vegetarian

I don't like admitting defeat. I don't like giving up on things. However, if something isn't working for you, you have every right to change it. This happened to me 3 years, when I left University. I had been a veggie for 2 months, after one of my housemates persuaded me that it would be good to try.

It was hard, having been raised in a house of meat eaters, but I was happy to try it. It was going well, and I'd told all my friends and family about my lifestyle change when I moved home. My Mum bless her even bought veggie food to accommodate my new way of eating.

One of my friends told me that my vegetarianism wouldn't last, but I was so determined to prove her wrong. I was a changed woman. Oh how right she was...



Two days later, I had a huge, intense craving for chicken. I had never had such a craving, and I couldn't understand it. I tried so hard to resist, but it was making me miserable. All I wanted was some protein! My mum saw me resisting and just said "If you want the chicken, just have it. No one is policing you!". That's when my resistance faltered. She was right! I was making myself miserable by denying myself of food that I love. And it was only chicken! Who gets cravings for chicken??

However, I was left with an issue; my pride. I'd told everyone that I was a vegetarian, and now suddenly I wasn't. Crap.

Instead of being honest, I tried to hide it. I was at friend's birthday party, where she had little sausages out and all kinds of lovely meaty foods. I had come clean to one of my close friends, and enlisted her help in passing me meat foods, hoping that no one would notice. I don't think anyone did.

A few days later, I put my pride aside, and told my friend who doubted my vegetarianism. We both laughed about how silly I had been in hiding it from her. Sometimes your friends really do know you best.



  • Lying just makes things more complicated.

  • Don't keep doing something if it makes you miserable.

  • Sometimes chicken is just too irresistible.

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