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That Time I Lied About Being an Actor

I was at a party at uni, but it wasn't just any party – It was a drama school party. As a literature student, I felt a little out of place, but I was enjoying myself, despite not knowing anyone. I decided a drink or two would alleviate the nerves, so I started knocking them back.

A boy came up to me and just started chatting. Like the others, he was a drama student. One of the first questions he asked was "What do you study?". I panicked, fearing he would judge me for not being a drama student. I lied, and said I studied English and Drama. He took it, and started asking questions about my modules and what teachers I had.

Shit. Do I come clean, or do I go with it? You can guess what I did...



I was aware of what modules drama students took because of my friend, so I used the modules that he studied. The boy I was talking to still didn't twig, but he kept asking questions about how I got into drama, and if I was in any plays.

I ended up in a spiral of lies. The lie got so big that I led him to believe that I would be starring in a lesbian version of Romeo and Juliet in Stratford. He still didn't get it. He then asked if he could some see it...

Luckily my friend pulled me away, so I didn't have to confess.

Normally I'm not a liar at all. My friends and family will say I can't lie. However, when it comes to new situations where I feel I may be judged, my mouth just runs away with me. Maybe I should have been a drama student after all...



  • You should never feel pressured to be something you're not. The paranoia is mostly in your head, don't let fear of others stop you from being yourself.

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