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Despite their best intentions, mental health forums typically end up turning into pretty dark places.

People will post during difficult periods of their lives but will rarely follow up on how they recovered.

You, Me & Anxiety aims to provide a platform where honest, fun content around mental health can be shared in order to tackle stigma and help people realise they aren't alone.


So, how do we aim to tackle mental health stigma and provide an uplifting community platform?

Short, honest (and sometimes hilarious) blogs! Each blog discusses a difficult period in the author's life, how they got through it and what they learnt from it.

In the future we hope to take this to the world of podcasts, animations and vlogs!


You, Me & Anxiety was created for everyone and anyone. 


We want all writers to join us!


If you've gone through a particular experience and learnt from it, we'd love to have you featured!


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